Our Services

NBE is committed to providing high-quality services.  Our offerings include broad & unique work aiming to create positive change within businesses, school districts, communities, and organizations. 


Our training is facilitated through an equity lens, with an awareness of unconscious biases. 


We have invested time and energy to deliver the kinds of services that when hired, will make your responsibilities more streamlined and manageable.




Professional Learning



Building Capacity Through Our Network

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Human Capital

  • Recommendations for Senior Level Positions

  • Expansions of Business Partners

  • Grant Writers

  • Recruitment & Retention Strategies

  • Incentive Strategies

  • Human Resources Assistance

  • Sunset Product Accountabilities

  • Connecting Districts to Funding to Support Their Work

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Customized Professional Learning

  • Culture & Climate

  • Rebranding & Communication

  • Coaching

  • Leadership‐Vision to Application

  • Equity‐ Teaching in a Culturally Responsive Classroom

  • Implicit Bias- Exploring Our Social Cognition

  • Literacy Restoration & Resources

  • Customized Classroom Libraries Pre-k thru Grade 12

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Trauma Interventions

  • Professional Services- Strategies Addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences

  • Equipping Your Schools with Trauma Centered Tools & Mindfulness Spaces

  • Establishing Structures & Trauma Support Teams

  • Trauma Libraries Grades K-8

  • Trauma Professional Bookshelf for Teachers