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Our Mission

In order to form a strong and accountable service organization, two spirited and accomplished women had a vision to create Nothing But Education.  By building capacity through diverse consultants and offerings, we engage school districts, organizations, and communities in positive change.

Updates and Events

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Our Strategies


Human Capital

Working with others in a leadership capacity is how we spend most of our work time. Having innovative individuals on the team, who can lead and follow is essential to the success of an organization. Building bridges with businesses, colleges, and communities are methods to stimulate thinking, collaboration and recruitment.

Customized Professional Development Through an Equity Lens

It is essential that students be able to access instruction within various entry points. Through the work of Dr. Gholdy Muhammad research shows her four-layered equity framework is essential. Because each student is unique, the curriculum we teach should embody a culturally responsive approach allowing equity in learning for all. Whether training for a new curriculum or leadership development, all our trainings have an equity focus.

Trauma Interventions

We know that many factors contribute to trauma in children. These "Adverse Childhood Experiences" can impact a child socially, emotionally and academically. Through Dr. Nadine Burke Harris' research, we work to provide expert consultation and tools addressing trauma. Not only are students working through traumatic situations, so are teachers. The use of professional books and professional learning will assist both students and teachers with strategies to move forward in a positive manner. 

Our Experience

With many years of educational experience, the NBE founders are committed to supporting educators with advanced and deliberate service models. The company’s CEO and President have a collective 35 years of educational experience as teachers & educational leaders. The journey of NBE’s leadership includes years in school districts and the corporate space and because of these collective experiences, these leaders have developed an impeccable vision for exceptional service.

Nothing But Education will be a breath of fresh air for educators consistently working to grow capacity in reaching goals.

Reaching Goals Through Building Capacity

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