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Professional Learning

Building capacity through our network, we provide customized learning through an equity lens. 


Introducing Professional Learning Bundles

Featuring Professional Learning Programs from Amie Dean.

Do you have a goal you’re trying to achieve but don’t know where to begin? Let Amie be your guide.


Take a look at our list of professional learning bundles. In addition to Amie's amazing programming, your school or district will also receive Nothing But Education Comfort Kits to distribute to students. 

Our Professional Learning Offerings


We know that positive learning environments set the stage for successful outcomes. Our team can help you create a customized environment whereby educators, students, family, and community work together to achieve district goals.


What’s your district’s story? How can you position your identity to show value, effectively get your message to the masses, collaborate with all stakeholders? Our experienced consultants will help you craft various means to increase your visibility and pushout district accomplishments.


Our professional development protocol for teachers is built around research which includes active learning, modeling, coaching, the practice of effective methods, all within an equity and access training environment. Leadership coaching is customized based on your strengths and experiences. Developing strategies of new methods will bolster your internal team, adding value to your district.


Need help because of a position change or challenges in your existing role? NBE’s highly experienced leaders offer a spectrum of services ranging from application of Standards to leadership collaboration around sustainable growth.


In an educational climate, districts strive for both diversity and inclusion in their classrooms. Based on the research of Dr. Gholdy Muhammad, we provide guidance for equity practices in leadership and curriculum & instruction. Furthermore, this research requires that we be intentional with our extension of effective equity techniques within homes and community.

Implicit Bias- Exploring Our Social Cognition

Exploring our social cognition affects our understanding, actions and decisions. By using tools for self-examination we can adjust our automatic patterns of thinking to eliminate discriminatory behavior.


If your data reflects the need for customized training in the area of literacy or assistance to understand the data, our expert literacy team is ready to help. We look to sustainable transformation with an equity focus.