Finding ways to build anchors while remaining apart is so important for our students and children.  Whether in school or at home, we need to go the extra mile to reassure students, things will be just fine.  We all know that having meaningful belongings can help students feel warm and fuzzy, allow students to destress and create fun family learning opportunities.  Our Social Emotional Comfort Kits will do just that!  We have carefully designed kits for K-2 and 3-5 students.  These comfort kits contain bright, colorful, and happy items that allow for joyful activities and will create spaces to connect.  These items are packed in a colorful bag that students can store artwork or fond memories. 


Kit includes:


1 - Fun Tote Bag

1- "All About Me" Poster

1 - Box of Crayons

1 - Coloring Book

2 - Pencils

1 - Pencil Sharpener

1 - Inspirational Wrist Band

1 - Endearing Small Stuffed Animal

1 - Journal

3 - Sheet Stickers

1 - Colorful Bookmark


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SEL Support 1.0 - Student Kit Grades Pre-K-2

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