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Human Capital

Building capacity through our network, we provide customized learning through an equity lens. 

Recommendations for Senior-Level Positions

Nothing But Education has an active roster of highly qualified educational leaders. When staffing needs occur, allow us to provide candidates who are innovative and ready for a challenge.​

Customized Learning Through an Equity Lens

School and Business partnerships are typically under-utilized. Let us work with you to refresh the collaborations with
business partnerships where both​ organizations are re-energized in the work together.

Recruitment & Retention Strategies

Recruitment of good teachers is highly competitive, what really matters to them most? Why would teachers select your district for employment? How is the district actively recruiting? What is your story? What helps teachers to stay? Let us work to uncover these answers and recruit and retain the best teachers and staff.

Human Resources Assistance

Many districts are downsizing their HR departments leaving a myriad of tasks that are left undone. Let our expert team assist in these HR areas and build your district’s capacity.

Sunset Product Accountabilities

Do you need a system to evaluate products that have been in the districtover time? Let us save you money and time by evaluating overlapping services/products, along with what products are in use versus those needing to be discontinued.

Connecting Districts to Funding to Support Their Work

Through our partnership we will provide your district with funding resources to help support the implementation of this work. We will work in tandem with you and the funder as the journey continues.

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