After graduating from Wayne State University, Jennifer began her career as a high school teacher in the Detroit Public Schools. Soon understanding that education was an area she felt she could be most impactful; she dedicated her life to working to improve education and educational options for students. While never leaving education, she has successfully held varying roles in educational organizations from regional vice president to senior national vice president, always knowing the importance of leading a team in delivering the best results. Cultivating, sustaining and growing business by understanding systems and processes lead to providing high-quality service to leaders in school districts around the country. In each role, Jennifer helped to significantly grow the organization while positively impacting students. This consistent path has assisted her understanding of the complex dynamics in education from inside school systems and organizations to working with school systems and organizations to advance their goals. Her perspective on a strong and accountable model of service delivery reflects those experiences. Now, as the founder and CEO of Nothing But Education, Jennifer realizes how to build capacity for school leadership by offering a strong and comprehensive service model.

    Brave Hearts, a nonprofit organization also created by Jennifer, develops leadership skills for middle schools and is actively implemented in schools across the country.


    Wanda Broome, President of Nothing But Education began her career as a N.C. special education teacher. Following several years as a teacher and administrator, she extended her work as a social worker to adolescent children in foster care and adoption. Her passion in education led her back to the education field but with an interest in the corporate sector of educational publishing. With many years of experience working for various education companies, it was her commitment to support educators at all levels where she felt her creative solutions and strategic thinking could be most valuable. Her extensive work with school superintendents, district leaders, and corporate partners demonstrated how more effective and efficient we can all be through collaboratively working to improve targeted outcomes. This juncture with various companies as a state consultant, regional director, and regional vice president afforded her the opportunity to work with educators across the U.S.
    She served on the Advisory Board for Teacher Education and Compensation Helps (T.E.A.C.H.) Early Childhood Scholarship Program NC helping to promote the issues of under‐education, poor compensation and high turnover within the early childhood workforce. This highly successful program has grown to 22 states plus Washington, DC.

    Wanda is a graduate of Appalachian State University and lives in Raleigh, NC. She looks forward to continuing her educational journey striving for ALL students to be given the opportunity to reach their maximum potential.


mobile: (919)606-6586


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