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Social-Emotional Comfort Kits for Virtual Learning

& In School Connections

     Nothing But Education is excited to launch our student comfort kits. 


        For now, many students are spending more time at home and making connections in the virtual space.  We realize for some students the need for more interaction is very important to their development. 


       Although it may seem more normal in some areas of the country, other places have students sitting in front of their computers at home while another sector are in school having to be socially distanced.  Our comfort kits are designed for students to have a few anchors as they acclimate themselves to the new normal.  Whether students respond best to their new fuzzy friend, the journal, or the family activity book, we’ve assembled many options that help students to reconnect to family and build anchors. Receiving a comfort kit, delivered directly to their home can help students feel more connected. 

        In addition, we have supports for teachers to ensure they can stay connected to students.  Teachers can choose from an array of postcards, sanity journals, and stickers that will be sent directly to them at home. 

       Each quarter, we will present exciting items and supports for students and  teachers, sent by us, directly to their homes, on your behalf.  We look forward to your feedback.


Thanks for your support,


Nothing But Education

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